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By: Generic    Price: $0.01

spacerGameCube Power Adapter (NGC AC Adapter/Adaptor, Fully Compatible for NGC)
By: Intec    Price: $5.94
Replaces damaged GameCube Power Adapter! UL approved 110 volt. One-foot long polarized power cable.

spacerLink Cable for Game Boy Advance and Gamecube
By: Nintendo    Price: $27.75
The GameCube - Game Boy Advance Cable lets you connect two of your favorite game systems!

spacerGamecube Component Video Cable
By: Nintendo    Price: Check for Price
This cable is only compatible with DOL-001 models of the GameCube

spacerNintendo GAMECUBE Game Boy Advance Cable - Game console link cable
By: Nintendo    Price: $29.99
Get connected with the newest video game technology! The new Link Cable connects your Game Boy Advance to the Nintendo GameCube for enhanced game play. When used with specifically designed games, the cable lets you exchange data, unlock new game levels and more. It also allows the Game Boy Advance to be used as a supplemental game screen or input device for the Nintendo GameCube. Only games displaying the icon "Game Boy Advance Compatible" or "Nintendo GameCube Compatible" can be used with this cable. Imported. 24L"

spacerGamecube Extension Cable (Colors May Vary) (Bulk Packaging)
By: Innovations    Price: $0.01
Gamecube extension cable

spacerMonster Cable GCGL300 SV-10 GameCube S-Video A/V Cable (10 Feet)
By: Monster Cable    Price: $34.99
Use Monster Game Standard 300 Composite Video Cable for hookup of GameCube to TVs and AV receivers with standard composite RCA video connections. Features 24K gold contacts; S-Video dual coax construction; and provides an additional 10 extra feet of play. Cable is purple and black. Made in USA and imported. 10L.

spacerGameCube Extension Cable - Purple
By: Datel    Price: $2.99
6ft gamecube extension cable in clear.

spacerNintendo Gamecube Modem Adapter
By: Nintendo    Price: $59.99
The 56K GameCube Modem Adapter is purely designed for online gaming--it doesnt support regular Internet access or Web browsing. The adapter is easily installed, simply snapping into serial port 1 on the underside of the console and plugging into a standard phone line (an extra jack may be required). You must use your existing Internet Service Provider (ISP) for online access. Please be aware that some service providers, e.g., AOL, do not allow outside software to access their services without the use of a special login tool. Please contact...

spacerUniversal RFU Adapter
By: Intec    Price: $1.99
Use this RFU Adapter on any TV that doesnt have a video input terminal and transform it into a lean & mean gaming TV. Simply plug into your old TVs antenna input and youre able to connect your PS2, Xbox, GameCube. The integrated selector allows you ro switch from your game console to regular television in a snap.

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